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C4I-Connect & SEA-COM Suite


The C4I-Connect integrated communication network optimizes and establishes an instant communication pathway between multiple applications and a variety of users and sensors, anywhere, across different bearers. It also facilitates real-time tactical and strategic decision making. C4I-Connect is employed at command & control centers as well as fixed, deployable or fully mobile sites. C4I-Connect network layer services support both tactical and standard TCP/IP applications.

The Sea-Com suite provides ships and submarines with integrated, broadband, IP-based communications for all on-board communications requirements. This flexible, customized and secure system facilitates real-time strategic decisions and is implemented in the Israeli Navy’s Dolphin AIP-class submarines and corvettes. This suite integrates and supports internal/external secure communications, with a redundant IP network for operations continuity. It is scalable for any surface ship, submarine and patrol boat. The BNET IP software-defined radio enables data exchange at sea, on land, and in the air.


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